Christian Medical Fellowship

An interdenominational christian fellowship of medical, dental, paramedical, nursing students and graduates having an experience of Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and Lord

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God placed a burden in the hearts of a few medical students in Trivandrum medical college around the year 1959 to meet together to pray and support each other in fellowship. They were concerned about medical students in other colleges and contacted the students at Calicut.The first annual conference was conducted in 1961 at Bethel Ashram, Thiruvalla. In subsequent years the venue for the conference had been Nicholson School, Thiruvalla. The students from other medical colleges joined in later.



The fellowship in each college was the centre of activity of the CMF. The fellowship used to meet every week to share, pray and study the word of God.The fellowship of the believers became a great support and encouragement to all who came.They reached out to their friends in other colleges visiting and encouraging them.Non-Christians too found the freedom to come and know the Lord and his ways.



All these years CMF has functioned in an informal way. There has been no structural or organisational setup like elected office bearers, committees or subscription for membership etc.The interdenominational nature keeps the door open for all students to come.The main features of the CMF meetings are Bible study, devotional talk, group interaction and fellowship